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Happy Bath Times are Back !

No more rushing, no more pain, happy bath times are here to stay. Comfortably support your knees and elbows and enjoy baby bath time again !

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 We produce our products to deliver an outstanding user experience. Toodly specializes in ergonomically designed products, made to help parents and babies all over the world !

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Happy customer review about Toodly bath kneeler baby bathtub

Impressed with the quality!

This is my second bath kneeler and I think I have a keeper! I’m actually impressed with the quality of this product, the pads are super thick so my knees and elbows are in heaven plus the material is so soft kind of like a wetsuit, so it dries quick. My baby girl has so much more fun in the tub now, having all her favorite toys right in front of her!
Plus the suction cups have a great grip so it doesn’t fall on the tub like my old one.

Perfect size, looks durable and I just hang the knee part to the elbow support to make room and keep everything organized!

Best Amazon purchase yet!

Happy customer review about Toodly bath kneeler baby bathtub

Better than I thought!

I had the cute Moby brand kneeler and elbow saver thinking it was the best thing ever and no.

This is the beat thing ever. It was way better than I thought. It was thicker and more cushioned than what I had before and cost less too which was a win win. 

Happy customer review about Toodly bath kneeler baby bathtub


🛁🛁 Mamas! Have I got something for you.

This knee and elbow rest will ensure you and your little babe(s) a fun and comfortable bath time from here on out! I love the compartments that come on the elbow rest on both sides for toy and essential storage!

Not to mention the lack of back/arm/knee aches afterwards 😅 if you can relate, head on over to @toodlybaby and check out this life changing product. I promise you (and the kids) won’t regret it. 🛁🛁