Exploring Different Playtime Activities for Babies: From Tummy Time to Peekaboo

Engaging Playtime Activities for Babies: Tummy Time to Peekaboo Fun | Toodly Baby

As a parent, you may find yourself wondering what activities are best to engage with your baby. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones. Yet, playtime is crucial for babies as it not only aids in their physical development but also their cognitive and emotional development. Therefore, it is essential to know what activities are appropriate and beneficial for your baby. In this post, we will explore different playtime activities for babies, including tummy time, sensory play, and peekaboo. We will also introduce Toodly Baby's Foam Ball Pit as a great option for playtime.

Tummy Time Activities

Tummy time is when you place your baby on their stomach to play. Tummy time is essential for your baby's motor development and reduces the risk of flat head syndrome. Babies also develop upper body strength, including head control, through tummy time. Some great tummy time activities include:

- Placing toys in front of your baby and have them reach for it

- Use a baby mirror for your baby to see themselves in

- Lie down with your baby and talk to them while they play

Sensory Play Activities

Sensory play involves exploring different textures, sounds, and visuals using their senses. Sensory play helps babies develop language, fine motor, and social skills. Some sensory play activities include:

- Fill a clear container with water and water-safe toys like rubber ducks

- Fill a sensory table with rice, sand, or beans and provide scoops and toys for baby to manipulate

- Use containers of different sizes and shapes, hide toys in them, and allow your baby to take them out

Peekaboo Activities

Peekaboo is an excellent activity for babies as it supports their cognitive development. Peekaboo helps infants develop object permanence and increases their problem-solving skills. Some peekaboo variations include:

- Hide your face with a blanket, then remove it and say "Peekaboo!"

- Place a small toy under a cup and move it around, then drop it for your baby to see

- Hide behind a door, then jump out and say "boo!"

Foam Ball Pit Activities

A foam ball pit is a fun and safe way for babies to play. It helps develop gross motor skills as babies crawl and move through the balls. Toodly Baby's Foam Ball Pit, in particular, is an excellent option as it is made from environmentally friendly materials and provides sturdy support. Some foam ball pit activities include:

- Use a tunnel for your baby to crawl through

- Place different colored balls on top of each other to build

- Play toss with foam balls


Playtime is an essential aspect of a baby's early development. It increases not only physical but also cognitive and emotional development. Tummy time, sensory play, peekaboo, and foam ball pits are all great choices with numerous benefits. Toodly Baby's Foam Ball Pit is a recommended product for playtime and a perfect addition to your baby's routine. Spend time exploring different activities with your baby to find the one that suits them best.

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